My novel, "The Plant," named a finalist

My novel, "The Plant," was named a finalist in the Novel-in-Progress category of the Faulkner-Wisdom Competition

I'm grateful for the boost this has given me to tackle the daunting task ahead of me: revision. This book has a few interwoven storylines, one of which I need to rewrite completely and start from the ground up. I envision this taking a number of months. 

Here's a description of "The Plant": A television factory in small-town Ohio dominates the lives of its workers while the televisions they build help America fight the Cold War and dominate the world. 

Though the story and characters are fictional, “The Plant” is based on the television factory where two of my grandparents worked. My paternal grandfather worked as an engineer, while my maternal grandmother worked on the factory floor, both were there for about 35 years. Here are some pictures of the plant from 1950: My grandma worked in the department shown in the first picture.




Gwen Goodkin