Mentorship Through the Dramatists Guild

This past July, I attended a seminar in Los Angeles offered by the Dramatists Guild Institute. It was a fantastic learning experience that I highly recommend to anyone getting started as a playwright (or even further along as a playwright). Because I attended the seminar, I met the Institute's requirements for their inaugural mentorship program, Plays in Progress. Space was limited, though, and only the first handful of applicants would be able to participate. I jumped at the chance and sent in my application right away. A couple days later I found out I'd made the cut. 

I was excited to learn I'd be working with Janice Goldberg. The play I submitted was the first I'd ever written (though I had written it as a short film) and I was looking forward to getting feedback from such an experienced writer and director. This mentorship turned out to be one of the best writing experiences I've had in 14 years of workshops and mentorships. Janice's feedback was thorough and thoughtful and, most importantly, patient and respectful. She also brought her perspective as a director and producer to her comments - practical advice for a newb like me.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in a mentorship with Janice and am working now on incorporating her feedback and advice into my play.


Gwen Goodkin